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Getting Started Through College Bound's intensive and comprehensive case management strategy, teens are provided with the guidance, encouragement, and resources they need to meet the academic, financial, and testing requirements for public and private universities to obtain their educational goals. The College Bound case managers work on three important items with program members:


(1) the vision and belief that a college education is in their future;

(2) the road map to achieve their college dream; and

(3) building the skills to get to college. 

Case managers track academic progress and note the classes needed to meet the curriculum requirements of the University of California, California State University, and Community College systems. Students are introduced to and begin to preparing for standardized tests and applications. Over the course of the program, the Case Managers work with youth to develop academic goals. They guide youth through application and testing procedures, provide homework assistance, assist with financial aid applications, teach youth how to manage deadlines, advocate on their behalf, counsel parents, and provide cultural mentoring. In short, the case managers guide members through the unfamiliar and unpredictable landscape of college preparation, application processes, and eventual college acceptance and transition. The second component of College Bound is homework assistance. Each day, the Boys & Girls Club of Fontana implements Power Hour to ensure that all members focus on academics daily. During Power Hour, teens receive mentoring and homework assistance. Through College Bound, youth receive an array of resources to help them reach their academic and personal goals - resources that are not readily available or even accessible to the majority of our youth. Activities like A-G college requirement classes, SAT prep classes, and intensive scholarship application workshops provide youth with the knowledge and information that can make the difference between community college and a university. Trips to universities, mentoring, and guest speakers help students believe that college is an attainable goal..

To enroll in the College Bound program, please print and complete the following paperwork and return it to the Boys & Girls Club of Fontana at your earliest convenience:

College Bound Application

Pre-College Student Questionaire

Info- Assessment Sheet (if enrolling in 7th through 11th grade)

Senior Info- Assessment Sheet (if enrolling during senior year)

All About Me Checklist

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