Boys & Girls Club of Fontana has been an integral part of Fontana since 1989 (28 Years), serving youth ages 7 to 17, providing outcome driven programs and services at 3 clubhouses located in the center and south end of Fontana.  The Club provides a safe, positive place for young people after school while their parent are at work, or attending school.  In addition, we provide a consistent, stable environment for our children in foster care (35% of our youth participants), and relationships with a caring, professional staff.  Summer of 2017 will open its 3rd location in fontana at the Dolores Huerta International Academy.

Our Mission

To Enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Club Impact

According tot he Economic Impact Report conducted by Damooei Global Research, inc, on the Boys & Girls Club of Fontana research shows the value of the Club extends beyond the direct benefits enjoyed by parents and Club members.  The communities where they live also enjoy an important service by having youth positively engaged and away from trouble during non-school hours...



Parents agree that their children are in a safe environment


Ability to make friends and socialize have increased


Children develop more confidence in themselves


Performance in school has improved since joining Boys & Girls Club 


Interest in regular physical exercise has increased since joining Boys & Girls Club


Parents agree going to Boys & Girls Club is an important reason for good attendance


Parents agree that their children talk about higher education and its importance in their lives


Most Parents stay that their child is sure they will attend college after school showing effectiveness of BGCA programs